Extend the power and functionality of EVE into your website.

Use our dynamic EVE applications, designed to increase ,customer satisfaction and sales through your website.

  • Increase your course sign ups- insert EVE's dymanic course schedules on each course page(s)
  • Increase charter, trip and vacation bookings - insert EVE's dynamic trip schedule on your booking page(s)
  • Display spaces on courses and trips available and change in real time.
  • Choose how far in advance you wish to show the events ahead of schedule on your website pages with the click of a button.
  • No more worrying about whether your activities are up to date.


Run EVE OnLine - insert your web store directly into your website design

  • EVE OnLine will appear as an integrated module in your website.
  • Customers can your online store either by using links contained within the corresponding pages in your site or through the Store button displayed on the main top menu.


Insert 'Buy Now' functionality for each course and trip

Customers simply click on a button to be taken to the store to purchase the item

Display associated products you select for each course and trip type you choose to advertise.

Choose to sell diver equipment and activities linked to diver training... you'll the added functionaity substantially increases your gross revenue from course sales.