EVE is a very dynamic program for managing the dive centre, customer relations, sales, inventory, trips, courses, services and more.  Because EVE is a PADI partner there are elements of EVE which interface with PADI that no other software program does.


Because EVE provides for extensive two way communication, for instance  EVE à Online Store à EVE and so on, we have found it impossible to maintain APIs from within EVE that will permit this communication with every possible third party supplier.  In addition, for EVE to communicate effectively with the website and online store, while keep databases in sync, it has become apparent to us that this works most effectively when the programs are all hosted on one server.


To that end we provide EVE with the EVE-Agent, EVE Online, Websites and hosting.  All of the components like EVE the Website CMS and store are managed by the store staff or their IT support such as yourself.  We provide are the tools and support.


This has proven to be much more effective from a time management standpoint and cost standpoint to our customers.  Most of our website and online store customers have come off programs such as Wordpress.


Support staff such as yourself are now free to focus on the creative side of developing the comprehensive suite of products and not wasting time with actual coding.


Below is the information on our products for your reference.  I would look forward to talking to you and could even give you a short demonstration if this is something that you and Juan see as a possible direction.  The sample websites are as they might come from our developers.  We ship them with over 75 prepopulated pages of accurate PADI Course data which only needs to be adapted for price and can immediately link into EVE for such things as Course and Trip information.


Let me know if you would like to have a look at the websites and online store and I will set up an online session.