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The Rnli Sea Survival Diver Course

News GSaracino06 Nov, 2016

The Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) in conjunction with PADI EMEA have produced this exciting course aimed at helping divers increase their knowledge of sea diving.

Sometimes thought of as the “fourth emergency service” for their amazing marine rescue skills, the RNLI are also proactive in increasing diver awareness of potential problems and teaching how to prevent or deal with problems that do occur. The RNLI Sea Survival Diver course refreshes some skills, adapts others to the marine environment and introduces you to surface safety from the point of view of the rescuers. Both diver and RNLI coxswains share their experience and recommendations to help you be safer at sea. One such diver shares his story, explains how he was rescued and what helped his rescuers locate him.

The knowledge development is short and interactive with the focus on two dives practising skills both at the surface and underwater. Please contact your PADI training consultant to learn more about how to conduct this course.

Our EVE team promptly responded to the release of this new course, and created two EVE Agent mail templates.  The course will be available by default in our next version of EVE. If you wish to add it to your EVE database now, please follow these simple steps:

  • Open EVE, go to Data > Course Types > New
  • Fill in required field
  • PIC Key is 4247

 RNLI Course Type

 To add the 2 new templates to your Mailchimp account, please contact us.

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