EVE version 5.13

Release Date 23rd January 2020

The latest EVE Upgrade is here!

This upgrade is just the latest benefit included with your EVE licence. It brings updates and enhancements for all elements of the EVE services:

  • EVE desktop control panel
  • EVE OnLine Webstore
  • EVE Pro App
  • EVE Cloud Data Services
  • EVE / PADI Integration


As with all of EVE's services and packages, this upgrade is designed with your needs in mind:

  • to get more time on your side
  • to build your brand
  • to create personal connections with your customers
  • to boost customer loyalty
  • to sell more courses, trips and equipment



Engage better and communicate more easily with your instructors, divemasters, skippers and shop staff


The Scheduler in the new version of the EVE Pro app (coming soon) will save you hours when you're planning which staff members will work which courses and trips.   Your staff will be able request which events they're interested in working on their phone, tablet or computer and then you'll use EVE to finalize who works when by simply updating the Pending status to Confirmed. See here for full details.  



We've made it even easier to sell online - gain more customers and open your store's doors to more business

New EVE OnLine Configuration Options

We've made it even easier to configure your EVE OnLine shop using EVE.

i) In previous versions, in order to configure which stock items appeared in EVE OnLine, you had to open the Store form and add the items to the appropriate Category there.   We've now added an option to the right click menu on Stock Item Search, so you can add item(s) directly to a Category from there.

Add item(s) to category

In addition, you can now remove a stock item from a Category on the Categories tab of the Stock Item iteself.

ii) Once an EVE Online user has reviewed an item on your on-line store, you now have the ability to view and edit it on the Stock Item form in EVE.  e.g. if the wording is inappropriate, you can mark it as inactive.

Edit Reviews

iii) We've made it easier to add images into the body of the product description of EVE Online items.  Now, when you click the Image button, you have the option to Upload to EVE Cloud.   If that box is checked, the image will be uploaded and auto-linked to the product so you don't have to mess with awkward URLs.  

Upload to EVE Cloud

iv) We've added to the list of configurations available for the EVE OnLine Home page.   e.g. if your main departments are Scuba, Swimming, Snorkeling, Equipment,  you can now show each section as a panel on the Home page.   Choose your preferred configuration on the Home Page tab of the Store form in EVE.

EVE OnLine Home Page


v) You can now define Title, Description and Keywords tags on the Category form in EVE to aid in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in EVE OnLine.

SEO Fields on Category form

Equivalent SEO fields appear on the EVE OnLine tab on each Stock Item in EVE.

vi) There's a new option on the EVE OnLine tab of the Stock Item form called "Prompt for Notes".  If you turn on this option for a stock item, your popup note text will be shown to the user so they can enter a little information about their purchase.  e.g. if you sell photos of dive trips, you could prompt the user to enter their trip destination and date so you can send the photos from the appropriate trip.  


Track how you're achieving your ceritification and contiuning education targets

Certifications by Month Report

We added a new report called Course Certifications by Month.  Click File then Reports then Course and double click on Certs by Month.  Choose the year in which you're interested and EVE will list the certification count grouped by month and course type.  Use it to plan your schedule for next year. 

Certs by Month


Keep your customer records straight

Finding Duplicate Customers

We've added a new method of finding duplicate customers.  You can now use the "By Name and Email" one-click report in the Administrator interface to show all those customer records with the same name and email address.  Highlight those you want to merge, right click and Merge Customers.  Always take a database backup first before merging as the process is irreversible.

Duplicate Customers


Simple processes to manage stock and inventory

Serial Numbers

We've added an import feature for Serial numbers so you can now import them in bulk onto a stock item rather than having to manually type them.  Use the File | Import | Import from Excel menu option and then choose the Serial Numbers entry in the list.  You can see the required format by clicking the Show Template button. 


Quicker customer data entry

Postcode Lookups

As you are no doubt aware, if you enter postcode lookup information into EVE, you can use it to quickly default the customer address when entering new customers.  Until now that process only set Address Line 2, Address Line 3, City, State/Region, County.   In this version, we've added Address Line 1 as well. 


Easier image, graphic and doucument management

Upload to EVE Cloud

This feature is now available for print layout graphics and for customer related documents.  i.e. if the "Upload to EVE Cloud" box is ticked when you add a graphic to a print layout, the graphic will be uploaded to our servers and then a link applied to the layout.  Similarly, customer documents (assigned to a customer using the yellow "Linked Documents" icon at the bottom of the Customer form) will be uploaded to EVE servers.


Better invoice control

Changing Invoice Type

When editing invoices, it's sometimes useful to be able to change the Invoice Type.  e.g. you may want to change an Ongoing Invoice into a Sales Receipt.   However, changing in the reverse direction might not be ideal.   Now, EVE will not let you change to an Invoice Type that is marked as Lock on Load.


Quicker updating of your online store


Although it's not  something you're usually going to be aware of, EVE now performs better cache management for EVE OnLine data when certain changes are made.  e.g. if you change the product description on a stock item, EVE will tell EVE Online to fetch the changes from the database next time that product is viewed rather than using its cached information.  


Still leading the way in integration with PADI


When communicating with PADI for PIC On Line, Dive Check, etc. EVE now logs-in to PADI using an Amazon technology called Cognito.  This is all done in the background and you won't see a difference in the way these features work in this regard.