WHY SEO CONSULTANCY Reaching Customers You Need

Understanding SEO – The Basics

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization - is the practice of improving and promoting your web site using methods that will increase the number of visitors your website may receive from search engines.
  • A search engine is system used to create a library of lists related to the content available on the world wide web. The internet uses search engines to compile information in a systemised format that maybe searched upon by users of the world wide web. These systemized librarys are called search engines. Commonly known search engines are for example, Google, Bing, Yahoo. MSN Search, Ask, and others.
  • There are many aspects and lots of levels to understanding how SEO works, from the basics, to the very complex science of the mathematical algorithms used to rank pages on each type of search engine. Healthy SEO maybe sometimes, simply a matter of making sure your site is structured in a way that search engines understand.
  • EVE Website Templates are designed so that the basics of SEO practice are prepared for you in each page design.
  • Important considerations for you to consider when building a website are:
    • Choice of Domain
    • Menu Selection
    • Page Titles
    • Hash Tags
    • Page Content
    • Keywords
    • Images – Naming convention – Using effective Alt Tag names
    • Links to your site and where your site links to


Ongoing - Maintaining your SEO

We have consultants available to work with you, who are able to assist you, if you need to tailor your SEO to target specific customer groups. This practice is referred to as Customizing your SEO and is easily undertaken by an SEO consultant.


Fully Customized SEO

Lets say for example, you need to or wish to focus on a particular sub set of customers. A busy resort say, located in the Maldives or Carribean wishes to attract more divers from Italy or Canada. A custom SEO plan maybe designed, that will increase the visibility of their website to customers searching in the targeted areas to go diving in the Maldives or Carribean. Amazing results maybe achieved by honing your website to specific markets.

We can assist you to meet your marketing goals through customizing your SEO practice to meet your needs.