EVE HOSTING Gateway To Eve Cloud Solutions

EVE Hosting Solutions

EVE hosting solutions offer many advantages over the store based network system.

You may ask yourself, why do I need to have anything hosted?

Hosted solutions offer you access to an array of powerful servers that you just cannot produce in your store, without spending tens of thousands of dollars and even then, you will only be an entry level user! EVE now has a range of services available to our hosted users.

EVE Hosting Services provides a gateway to our EVE in the Cloud solutions. Daily backups, working from home and access to an entire range of EVE Web services and applications are available through our hosted solutions and services.


What does it mean to have your database hosted?

It means that your database is strored on our high speed, secure servers, instead of it being located on a machine at your store.

You will then connect your client module of EVE at the store or from home through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) - i.e. a secure "tunnel" through the Internet. This is simple to set up and we'll help you every step of the way. We'll make sure your data is safe and take daily backups and store backups off-site for your protection.


Access to EVE Cloud Applications

EVE Hosting Schematic - Dive Centre You will also have access to many of the new features and applications designed to increase your business performance. These systems, cannot be run on a pc at your store.

  • EVE OnLine Web Store and Booking System
  • EVE Websites
  • EVE Website Integration Utilities

Other EVE applications run much faster and smoother on our servers also.

  • EVE Newsletter
  • EVE Agent


EVE Support

The smooth running of EVE is assured as update scripts maybe run on our server, keeping all of your data and server files up to date with new functionality. EVE support is made easier as installation of required security upgrades are carried out for you. Our support personnel are also able to assist you much more easily by gaining access, with your permission, to your database to help sort out any issues or problems you are reporting.


EVE Hosting makes sense

Hosting your system on our server array provides you with the infrastructure enjoyed by large corporations at the fraction of the cost.

Hosting provides you with peace of mind knowing your data is being backed up and available to you from wherever you are.

Hosting increases the range of functionaity you have available through EVE. The ability to attach your database to our EVE Cloud Applications will increase the range of EVE marketing services and online services available to you.

Contact one of our regional offices to learn more about the advantages of EVEHosting.