Configuration is the process of entering initial store-dependant data into EVE. For example, store and staff contact information, tax codes, discount bands, etc.

1. Self Configuration
  • When EVE is first run, a Welcome to EVE Wizard is shown that lets you enter initial configuration information. In addition, at any time, you can enter this type of information into EVE using the standard Data Entry forms.
  • Manufacturer product lists can be directly imported into EVE.
  • You can request PADI Student and Certification information from the PADI Pros site for download and import into EVE.
2. Assisted Configuration
  • Database hostingchoose to have us host your datbase and we can connect to your database and help with configuration.
  • Remote Control Configuration: We can remote control your PC to help with configuration.


Data Migration

If you are switching to EVE from an alternative software program, you probably have considerable amounts of data that you are reluctant to lose, including sales histories, rental histories, service histories, etc. Migrating this type of data to EVE can be a time intensive task.

1. Self Migration

EVE has Import routines available to aid this process and we have now extended these to cater for more data types. You'll need to get your data into a pre-defined EVE format in Excel and then run the EVE import routines.

2. Assisted Migration

In addition, we provide the following assisted migration options:

  • Import Service: a service whereby you export data from your existing software into Excel, email/upload this to us and we'll initialize an EVE database for you. We will then help you to install your new pre-loaded database.
  • Database hosting: choose to have us host your datbase and we can connect to your datbase and help with migration.