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EVE Training Consultants, have compiled a comprehensive library of over 100 training and support videos that EVE Users may access for increasing their working knowledge of EVE and to assist them when asking "How Do I ?" types of question. Have a look through the list... you might be pleasantly surprised with the range of features covered. You may even learn something you didnt know before.

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EVE Academy is a custom designed online learning platform, prepared to deliver progressive learning, providing an invaluable resource to get the most out of EVE. The courses, cover every aspect of using EVE and are designed to provide the elementary skills, aligned to the roles outlined in the course title. The learning is delivered ithrough progressive modules, easy to follow and quick to complete. EVE Learning, is provided for all levels of staff member, from 1st time users, through to supervisors, managers and system administrators.

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Dive Centers new to EVE,  may request a free access pass to help their staff to get going with EVE Learning. View the Preview list and after, why not contact support@evediving.com for further  detailed information about the EVE Academy range of courses.

Staff may gain recognition and certification  upon completion of each course.