EVE SERVICES Overview Of Full Suite Of Eve Services

EVE itself – see here for a short Introduction to EVE                         

Full EVE handles all the key areas of your dive business:

  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Inventory
  • Trips
  • Courses
  • Certifications
  • Scheduling
  • Admin
  • Reports
  • Marketing
  • Servicing & Work Orders
  • Rentals


Plus, much more.

Click on the link to see what PADI store owners say about EVE

An extended free trial and launch period of EVE SPLASH or EVE is available immediately.


EVE Agent


The heart of your marketing campaign where Content + Personality + Targeted Emails leads to success.  The EVE Agent is delivered as an integral component of both EVE SPLASH and EVE.


An automated marketing system taking account of all possible variables for your customers:


  • Enquiry responses
  • On course marketing of relevant equipment and travel
  • Continuing Education Marketing
  • Service reminders
  • Travel promotions related to history and interests
  • Etc.


EVE Websites and Content Management System

Take a look, for example, at any of the following examples of the 36 website templates available for you: 

where you’ll see templates that can be used as the basis for your site. Even better is a very simple to use content management system that allows you to customise and tailor your site effortlessly and quickly.

Put any or all of the links into the utility on http://mobiletest.me/ and choose your device.

You’ll be able to see both how the website looks on that device, and use it as if you were accessing the site from that device.  Then take a moment and try looking at your current site on the same device.  See what your customers are seeing – or not seeing -  when they land on your site from their mobile phone or tablet.

 EVE OnLine gives you an Online Shopping Cart where you:


  • Sell equipment online                                                                 
  • Book charters & dive trips online
  • Book classes online
  • Manage best sellers & featured items
  • Have easy payment online

EVE OnLine can tie in to your website and would take your customers straight to the booking engine for the courses, trips etc. plus equipment sales.

 EVE Data and Web Hosting

Because EVE provides for extensive two way communication, for instance:  EVE > Website > Online Store > EVE and so on, the most effective option is when the programs are all hosted on one server.

We provide the tools and support – you are now free to focus on the creative side of developing the comprehensive suite of products to help you build your business.

 EVE Support

 Your license for any of the EVE family of products includes email support, a variety of Help texts and manuals, as well as video help clips and optional customized online training.