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Eve Team Is Travelling To Dema

Every year, our Team attends DEMA. DEMA is always a good opportunity to meet dive store owners and managers, develop new relationships, and meet industry players. At DEMA, we always offer training seminars, workshops and customized meetings. Those who attend our seminars will receive a […]

The Rnli Sea Survival Diver Course

The Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) in conjunction with PADI EMEA have produced this exciting course aimed at helping divers increase their knowledge of sea diving. Sometimes thought of as the “fourth emergency service” for their amazing marine rescue skills, the RNLI are also proactive […]

Computer Security And Eve

When you go to open EVE tomorrow morning, will it open? Or has your security failed you? We service our gear, analyze breathing gas and do buddy checks, but we take for granted that the computers in our shops will work.   In the past month […]